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Student career and technical organizations, social dubs, and athletics are but a few of the many experiences that extend beyond the prescribed set of course offerings of a school.

These outcomes and assessments are grouped as units or modulesand, therefore, the curriculum comprises a collection of such units, each, in turn, comprising a specialised, specific part of the curriculum.

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Alternatives to Apprenticeship By the sixteenth century, alternatives to apprenticeship were being strongly considered. The result was a considerable amount of inconsistency in quality among programs across the nation.

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However, the standards associated with these programs were quite tax or even nonexistent. This helps in giving focus in a given direction.


Rationale for needed changes Curriculum Analysis 4 No rational reasons for changes can be found. This is only one of many reasons why the career and technical and technical curriculum is distinctive in relation to other curricular areas and why career and technical education curriculum planners must have a sound understanding of the curriculum development process.

School-Workplace--Community Relationships Although it is certainly recognized that any educational endeavor should relate in some way to the community, career and technical education is charged with the responsibility of maintaining strong ties with a variety of agriculture, business, and industry-related areas.

Life-related content such as mathematics, communication skills, and science is a meaningful Curriculum paper example to content for earning a living and vice versa. These needs are not merely general feelings; they are clarified to the point that no question exists about the demand for workers in the selected occupation or occupational field.

This expense may depend on the particular area of instructional emphasis, but there are some items in the career and technical curriculum that show up quite regularly.

Even though career and technical education is included within the overall framework of education, the career and technical and technical curriculum has certain characteristics that distinguish it from the rest of the educational milieu. Content is not developed merely on the basis of what a person should know but also includes what a person should be able to do.

The various career and technical education acts have assisted greatly in the establishment of minimum program standards. The point should be made that the Smith-Hughes Act and more recent legislation have supported the concept of providing students with a broad experiential base in preparation for employment.

Per his cultural presumptions and social definitions, his curricular formulation has two notable features: Apprenticeship programs initiated in ancient Palestine, Greece, and other countries followed a similar pattern with youngsters learning a craft or trade through close association with an artisan.

This requires an empirical quantitative research on the number that can access the developed curriculum. Shopwork was even introduced into the elementary schools and, by the late s, it was a formal part of many grammar schools across the nation. The educational schemes of philosophers such as Comenius and Locke proposed inclusion of manual arts.

Collectively, they represent the potential parameters of any curriculum that has as its controlling purpose the preparation of persons for useful, gainful employment. Informal education often called non-formal education consists of education that typically takes place away from the school environment and is not a part of the planned educative process.

The significant tasks are aligned to standards and assessment specifications. This does not mean that once each year or so the curriculum is checked over by a panel of "experts. If you are concerned about injury when your students begin flying their paper airplanes, we recommend having them blunt the tip of the plane by either folding it inward or ripping it off and covering the ripped edges with tape.

In order to avoid this difficulty, curriculum developers must give consideration to the basic character of the curriculum and build in those factors that contribute to its quality. What is the basic direction that curriculum development in career and technical education should take?.

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Curriculum development paper Jasdeep Mahngar University of Phoenix Developing and evaluating educational needs NUR/ Karen Burger December 03, Curriculum development paper This paper develops a lesson plan for an education program.

The education program focused for particular target audience-teenage mothers.

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In describing the definition of curriculum there are several definitions. It can be describe as a formal education, a planned interaction of pupils with structural content materials, the curriculum as resources and processes for evaluating the attainment of educational objectives and outcomes.

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