Nonverbal communication paper

Specific hand gestures, as operationalized in this study, have not been previously studied for use by leaders. When the slap is more of a tap, it is actually an indication that one person wants to let go. Toward the end of our speaking turn, we make more direct eye contact with our listener to indicate that we are finishing up.

It is now empirically evident that the nonverbal behavior of a leader creates the meaning to the dialogue. He can feel the eyes of his classmates and the teacher burning into the back of his head and he begins to pick at the poster again, this time more vigorously.

In business, a combination of active listening and nonverbal techniques can strengthen the communication process. For example, a sale manager communicating with a new client over the telephone can benefit from skillful utilization of paralanguage, because the initial call creates a base on which the future interaction and is built Leigh 1.

Although the TSA has made some changes to security screening procedures and have announced more to come, some passengers have started a backlash of their own.

Kory Floyd, Communicating Affection: Eye Contact We also communicate through eye behaviors, primarily eye contact. Culture can describe anything from sex to interorganizational culture. The most important aspects of symbolic communication are the words we use.

Likewise, written texts include nonverbal elements such as handwriting style, the spatial arrangement of words and the use of emoticons to convey emotion.

Future studies might also explore differences along variables such as education, income, ethnicity when determining the meaning of specific hand gestures. Speech Monographs, 41 3The word "language" also refers to common properties of languages. How to Listen Actively: The first four are especially identifiable across cultures.

Experienced presenters can control their facial expressions and eye contact to reduce or, perhaps, prevent altogether the amount of leakage Waltman 3.


A fast speaker may be difficult to follow, and the fast delivery can actually distract from the message. This was the first notation of a possible difference between nonverbal hand gestures until Maricchiolo et al.

Because the sample was not diverse in terms of cross cultural participants, future study might explore the contribution of these demographic factors.

Research projects have found that students evaluated a library and its staff more favorably if the librarian briefly touched the patron while returning his or her library card, that female restaurant servers received larger tips when they touched patrons, and that people were more likely to sign a petition when the petitioner touched them during their interaction.

Nonverbal Learning Disorders

In Video 3, the leader used three defensive hand gestures hands in pockets, arms crossed over chest, and hands behind back. Extant research has noted that emotions, or nonverbal communication, are leaked through facial expressions or body gestures; this study suggests that the use of some specific hand gestures may be more effective than others.

Hand gestures and perceived influence in small group interaction.

Why behaviour is just another form of communication

Would a study using a comparison between countries and cultures provide empirical evidence as to whether these specific hand gestures cross cultural boundaries.

Similarly, other commonly used gestures or other aspects of nonverbal communication may have completely different meanings in various cultures.

Most of the thousands of human languages use patterns of sound or gesture for symbols which enable communication with others around them. Final Paper-Communication Insights - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Final Paper. Research suggests that nonverbal communication is more important in understanding human behavior than words and the nonverbal "channels"seem to be more powerful than what people say.

But culture is invisible, nonverbal has the same quality. Fascinating facts about the invention of the Traffic Light by inventor William Potts in We show, via a massive (N = ,) experiment on Facebook, that emotional states can be transferred to others via emotional contagion, leading people to experience the same emotions without their awareness.

We provide experimental evidence that emotional contagion occurs without direct interaction between people (exposure to a friend expressing an emotion is sufficient), and in the.

- Non Verbal Communication Xu, staples and Shen define nonverbal communication as “facial expression and body language” and further mentions that communication is a reciprocal process between 2 or more people relaying understanding, ensuring the output is acknowledges and correctly conveyed.

This paper addresses the relationship between a leader’s use of nonverbal immediacy (specific hand gestures) and followers’ attraction to the leader.

Nonverbal communication

This study provides initial evidence that certain hand gestures are more effective than others at creating immediacy between leaders and followers.

Nonverbal communication paper
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Active Listening and Nonverbal Communication in Business